Foursquare Status

Mar 16

[March 16th 2014] Timeouts in the app - FIXED

12:23pm EDT -  Outstanding issues have been resolved and both the app and website are back. Thanks for your patience!

8:07am EDT - We’re currently experiencing some issues with timeouts in the app, as well as loading on the website. Our team is investigating and we’ll post once things are back. Thanks for your patience. 

Mar 11

[March 11th 2014] Login issues on iOS - FIXED

Update - 11:05 EDT - The login issue has been resolved, and the a new version of Foursquare (7.0.5) is now available for download in the App Store. 

Please update your app to the latest version if you’re experiencing any login issues.

Thanks to everyone while we worked through a fix. 

6:03pm EDT - Users who have downloaded the latest version of Foursquare (7.0.4) on iOS released on 3/11/14 are unable to login to the app.

While we fix the issue we’ve temporarily removed the app from the App Store. We expect to have this resolved and available for download again very soon. 

Please check this site for continued updates and thanks so much for your patience while we work on a fix. 

Dec 10

[December 10th 2013] Superuser tools offline - FIXED


5:00PM EST/10:55pm GMT: Superuser tools are back online. Edit away! 

9:30AMEST /2:30PM GMT: Superuser tools ( are currently offline. Our team is hard at work on a fix, and we’ll update as soon as they’re back online. 

Feb 25

[Feb 25th, 2013] We’re down - FIXED

10:50am EST/3:50pm GMT: Everything is back up and working normally. So sorry for the inconvenience!  
10:13am EST/3:13pm GMT: The site and apps are intermittently down and we’re investigating. We will update as soon as we have more information. Thanks for your patience! 

Jan 24

[Jan, 24th, 2013] We’re down

07:07am EST/12:07pm GMT: The site is down and we’re investigating now. Will update as soon as we have more information. Thanks for your patience! 

UPDATE 8:35am EST/1:35pm GMT: We’re working to identify the cause of the outage. We’ll have another update soon.

UPDATE 10:35am EST/3:35pm GMT: We’re continuing to work on a fix for the site outage, thanks again for everyone’s patience! We’ll update with more info as soon as we have it.

UPDATE 11:45am EDT/4:35pm GMT: Everything is back up. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dec 18

[December 18, 2012] Accessibility issues in iOS 5.4

11:56am EST/4:56 pm GMT: We’re aware of some accessibility issues caused by our latest iOS release (5.4), and our team is working to fix things ASAP! 

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll let you guys know as soon as it’s fixed.

Nov 26

[November 26, 2012] Blackberry Check In Issue - Fixed

[UPDATE] 12/11/12: We have discovered the issue, and have included a fix in the newest version of the app. Please download 5.5.8 in App World on your Blackberry. Thanks for your patience while we worked out a fix! 

We have been receiving reports from BlackBerry users who have installed the latest version of Fousquare (5.5) that they are receiving the following error when attempting to check in "Invalid geo coordinates (0.000000,0.000000)" 

We are currently investigating, and expect to have a resolution shortly! 

Nov 13

[November 13, 2012] Intermittent downtime

UPDATE: 10:36am EST/3:36pm GMT: Everything should be back to normal now!

9:11am EST/2:11pm GMT: Foursquare is having intermittent issues, but we’re investigating. Thanks for your patience! 

Nov 09

[November 9, 2012] Check-ins not sharing to Twitter/Facebook

UPDATE 2:05pm EST/6:05pm GMT Everything should be back to normal now.

UPDATE 12:43pm EST/4:43pm GMT We’re working through our backlog now, so sharing to Twitter/Facebook, photo uploads, and emails/notifications should be back to normal soon!

12:00pm EST/4:00pm GMT Due to backed up queues, check-ins and other Foursquare activity are currently not being shared to Twitter or Facebook. We’re working to fix the problem, but you might notice older check-ins popping up later. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Oct 22

[October 22, 2012] Site is down

UPDATE 6:00pm EDT/10:00pm GMT And we’re back! Amazon (our host) was experiencing an outage. We appreciate your patience! 
UPDATE 3:15pm EDT/7:15pm GMT You may have noticed that some of your favorite sites are down, including Foursquare. We’re hoping things will be back to normal soon! 
UPDATE 2:07pm EDT/6:07pm GMT: This issue appears to be affecting other startups - we’ll update this post when we have more information.
1:45pm EDT/5:45pm GMT: Foursquare is currently down, but we’re investigating. Thanks for your patience!